Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wedding Gown Remake

A client brought me her wedding gown and told me she wanted to remake into an evening dress to wear to the Auto Show Charity Preview in Detroit.   Hmmmm.  Can this be successful?  It's cream satin and has lace that is beaded with sequins and pearls.   Was I up for this challenge?  Of course!

First thing was to remove the huge portrait collar, which kept her from raising her arms on her wedding day.  Also, there was a small stain on the lower portion of the dress, close to the hem.
Below, the bride on her wedding day almost 20 years ago.

We decided to add chiffon to lighten up the satin, and to make it asymetrical on top with a chiffon drape over her shoulders, and cut the dress on an angle around her knees and add a bias "circular" dress bottom.

Thin spaghetti straps were needed, and were constructed from the satin cut off the bottom. 

The finished dress!  Success!

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