Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dress for Wearable Art Fashion Show- take one

I have 5 weeks to make three major pieces for a wearable art fashion show which will take place at a conference I'm teaching at in July.  Even though the show isn't until July, the deadline for jurying is mid February.  I'm having a lot of anxiety about this- wondering how I'll fit all this work in while doing the regular tailoring that pays the bills.

My first dress will be a long fitted mermaid gown in shades of blue and green- water colors.

This is the base color of the satin (still wet), which will then be hand stitched with parallel running stitches, the stitches will be gathered tightly, then dyed again in deeper shades of blue and green.
The satin will be cut and stitched into the dress shape, and then covered with hand- dyed gathered strips of bias-cut silk chiffon and organza.  Below is a small sample, but I think I'm going to make the colors pale at the top of the dress, and get deeper as they progress toward the hem.

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