Monday, August 1, 2011

Locavore Fashion?

One of the wonderful things about Ann Arbor is the thriving farmer's market.  Residents here really appreciate locally raised produce, and some of the downtown restaurants advertise that they use locally raised produce and meat.

But it makes me wonder, with all this emphasis on food and it's provenance, is there ever any thought about another basic need of the population- clothing?  Does anyone really care about where their clothing comes from, and it's effect on the environment?  Or are we just consumed with getting the best deal?

In order to sell cheap goods, companies need cheap labor, which keeps wages low.  Inexpensive products may be made in foreign countries with very unethical labor practices.  Does buying these goods mean we approve of these practices? Why do we feel so passionately about local food, but don't have those feelings about other necessities?

Have a better relationship with your clothes- learn how to sew. Discover how good it feels to handcraft your own garments.  Mend them, alter them, or make them from scratch.  I'll teach you how. You won't look at cheap, ready-made clothes the same way again.

Handmade cotton gingham dress

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